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Soffit Lighting

Replacing old soffit lighting with LED

Replacement Soffit Lighting

    • Is your building looking a little tired now? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your soffit lighting
    • Why not replace those old orange lights with lovely new ultra bright white LED ones?
    • Make your building stand out from your neighbours

So why wouldn’t you go LED? Don’t be left in the dark!

Get in touch today, and we can help you step in to the future and in to the light!

Electricity saving tips for your home

If you want to lower your energy consumption and reduce your energy bill, follow our top electricity saving tips!

  • Fill your fridge (and tummies!) Your fridge & freezer won’t have to work as hard when its full. Empty space means wasted energy!
  • Only use fill the kettle with the water you NEED! The kettle is one of the most surprising consumers of electricity!
  • If you don’t have LED lights in your home ..yet! Turn off lights when you leave a room. Simple but VERY effective! We can help you with this!
  • Better still…. Switch to LEDs – they use 10% of the energy of traditional light bulbs!
  • Generally, it is believed that dishwashers use more water and electricity. Wrong! Most modern dishwashers are highly economical and will save you more money
  • Use microwaves to reheat food rather than the oven – they heat up the food far quicker, so are therefore more efficient
  • If you use a tumble dryer, clean out the lint filter every few uses – it will then work more efficiently
  • When you have a fully charged mobile phone, unplug the charger too as that is still conducting electricity and using energy!