Solar Storage

Extend the daily use of your solar panels with solar storage.

Typically, after the sun goes down, you have to buy your energy from the national grid but with solar storage, you continue to use the energy you have stored up during the day, long into the night.

The less power you buy from the grid, the more money you save!

Forget large and ugly lead-acid batteries. Battery storage systems are now smart, clean and simple, using lithium batteries.

The sophisticated design of our solar storage system has turned battery storage into a far more modular, user friendly and simple option for many UK homes and is suitable for any existing or new PV array.

With the unique remote monitoring system, the manufacturer’s support team can quickly diagnose any problems and upgrade your system – meaning you don’t have to wait in all day for an engineer to visit.

You can also monitor your own system via a free App or PC (website). Compatible with Android, Iphone, PC and Tablets

An Emergency Power Supply is integrated into the system, as standard. Automatic switch over to battery power means you are not affected by power cuts.

10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flexibility and modular system allows you to start small and grow later.