With the beautiful weather we’re having, heating is probably the last thing on your mind. As you know, English summers are short so before long, there will be a nip in the air and you’ll be thinking about turning on the heating.

Underfloor electrical heating is a great alternative to gas central heating. There are great benefits to underfloor electrical heating:

⚡️ Compatible with renewable energy sources

⚡️ Easy to install as part of renovations

⚡️ Often cheaper initial outlay and installation than gas central heating

⚡️ Perfect for properties without a gas supply

⚡️ No need for radiators

⚡️ Can even be fitted on driveways to keep them free from ice and snow!

⚡️ And your pets will love it!

We’re trained Heat Mat installers so if you’ve got a question about underfloor electrical heating, drop Gavin a message or give him a call.